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Scope of treatment


The companyTAO Cosmeticswas founded in 1995 in collaboration between a dermatologist and a cosmetics expert. From the beginning, the focus was on individually tailored care conceptsvery high quality. The concept and the nameTAO, which translates to “the healthy way”, come from Taoism. The skin is seen and believed to be the mirror of general well-beingTAOa holistic approach to achieve a beautiful and healthy complexion.

The products ofTAO Cosmeticsare continuously developed and optimized according to modern science. Depending on the circumstances, complexion and season, an individual care series can be put together. Also atTAOplays the themesustainabilityan important role. Resources are used sparingly and effectively, and all internal and external processes are used exclusivelyrecycled and eco-friendly materialsused.

Steine ausbalancieren

TAOhas set itself the goal of offering only the best for your skin. All products are therefore absolutely pure, of high quality and skin-friendly. On critical substances such asParabens, mineral oils and silicones are completely avoidedand also fromAnimal testing is not usedmade. Become almost exclusivelynaturaland, except for beeswax,no animal ingredientsprocessed.


Based on the highly dosed active ingredientsTAOprior to purchase, advice from a medical-cosmetic institute. Feel free to contact us for an individual conversation to optimize your care routine.

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