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REFLECTIVE BASIC SET for different skin tones


REFLECTIVES® MINERAL MAKE-UP  is your "Natural Secret". Due to its fine, powdery consistency combined with the very high opacity and the incredible yield, this product will be your indispensable favorite product after the first application. The light-reflecting, mineral pigments are of the purest, best quality and adapt perfectly to your skin. Conjure up a radiant and even complexion on your skin in the simplest way. 

The KABUKI BRUSH is indispensable for the correct application of the MINERAL MAKE-IP. The densely arranged brush hairs can pick up the MINERAL MAKE-UP very well. The special shape of the KABUKI BRUSH makes it child's play to apply the MINERAL MAKE-UP in circular movements.


With the KABUKI BRUSH for your handbag, you can easily take your MINERAL MAKE-UP with you. Pick up the desired amount of MINERAL MAKE-UP with the brush and pat it in as usual. Then screw in the brush and close it with the cap. You already have your "MINERAL MAKE-UP to go".


The REFLECTIVES®  CONCEALER makes your face appear even more even and radiant in combination with the MINERAL MAKE-UP . Like das MINERAL MAKE-UP , it impresses with its incredible yield, the purity of its ingredients and the very special pigment mixture.

Conceal blemishes, hyperpigmentation, redness, lines and wrinkles even better. Treat your eye area to a visual lift and let it shine with new splendour. Use the interaction of light also for your nasolabial fold. Give your skin a flawless complexion with the special, natural "glow" with the REFLECTIVES® system.

In order to apply the concealer correctly, the concealer brushes are absolutely necessary.
For larger areas, such as B. forehead, cheeks and chin, we recommend the large,  wide concealer brush included in this set.


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    1. Before first use, remove the protective film on the powder sieve.
    2. Pick up a little powder with the Kabuki brush by dabbing it into the powder and turning it in a circle in the powder box.
    3. Now turn the brush over and bring the powder deeper into the brush by tapping it on a firmer surface. Only a small amount of MINERAL MAKE-UP should be visible on the top hair of the brush.
    4. First dab the forehead, cheek, nose and chin lightly with the brush. Now work the powder in with small, circular movements. Wait for the powder to melt into the skin. Only then will you see the degree of coverage. If you want more coverage, repeat the process.
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