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Our treatment



Image by Magdalena Nowakowska

Beautiful skin thanks to the powerful power essences from Dermaceutical

Our nanoneedling treatments are something very special and designed for many different skin needs. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, blemishes and redness or are looking for a treatment for rosacea, acne or for sensitive skin - nanoneedling in combination with various active ingredients offers the right solution for every skin condition. The technology and all active ingredients are developed by our partner Dermaceutical.

What are the advantages of NanoGlow technology?

  • The subtle concentrates can gently penetrate the skin and strengthen it

  • Thanks to the transportability, the concentrates work where they are needed

  • The 3D technology means that the skin can absorb more active ingredients than with topical application

  • aesthetic problems such as scars, acne, the healing of inflammation, light-induced pigment changes and wrinkles  can be improved with regular treatments

Operating principle EMS

This system complements the radio frequency system. At the same time, the muscles are gently stimulated by the electrical impulses. This muscle stimulation in connection with the radio frequency can stimulate the transport routes more intensively for incorporation. It causes the skin surface to be smoothed.

Dermaceutical - Green Ingredients

Working principle of radio frequency

The slight heat (gentle & gentle) ensures collagen shrinkage and thus the formation of new collagen fibers. This gives the skin contour and tightening. In contrast to microneedling, the skin is not reddened, swollen or injured after the treatment.

How does Nanoglow technology work?

Active principle nanoinfusion

In contrast to classic microneedling, no needles are used here, but so-called NanoTips. They are very gentle and effective.

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